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This wiki is about the manga series Discommunication by Riichi Ueshiba.

It ran nearly nine years, from December 25 1991 and ran until September 25, 2000 and started when Riichi sent in some of his drawing to the "kodansha manga awards and Matsubue and Togawa were born.

It spawned a spinoff series called Yume Tsukai which has it's own anime and the characters have also made a cameo appearance in My Mysterious Girlfriend X.


A girl named Togawa falls in love with a mysterious boy named Matsubue and asks the question "why do people fall in love" and through out the manga series she tries to dicover his secrets and learn more about the strang, eccentric and bizaar Matsubue boy.

At the moment there are only 2 chapters of the manga which have been translated into English while there are 84 non translated manga remaining including a small spin off called "Discommunication Gakuenhen" which only has two short stories.


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